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About us
Ancient eastern Ou has witnessed several significant changes though the Ages, while greenhill, outstanding gracefully, without any vicissitudes in the nature of the eternal, Tsingshan Holding Group also stand high in the world of stainless steel, symbolizing the first-level brand. Here Tsingshan Holding Group lies. On behalf of our group, I feel honored to express our sincere gratitude to the people of walks of life, who has been supporting our growth and development in the past, present and future; at the same time, I will send my warm welcome to you for visiting our web site on behalf of all the staff. We hope that the network can bridge between our friends from all walks of life and us for exchanging and friendship.

Achievement lies in painful struggle, development comes from reform. After nearly two decades of hard struggle, Tsingshan Holding Group has made noticeable progress, and has grown so rapid that we have taken the leading position in the domestic steel industry. However Tsingshan people will never be satisfied with present state, we are bound to forge ahead with innovative spirit of the times and the attitude of pioneering, continue to work hard and make the high morale,

strive to deepen reform and focus on the professional all-out effort to create an everlasting brand.

Tsingshan will extend our warmest welcome to friends from all sectors of society to visit our company and guide our work; we effusively hope that we can do our bit to revitalize the national steel industry, together with people from all sectors of the community

Thank you once again for visiting our company's website.
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